2021 Student Affairs Annual Update

Victor K. Wilson

Vice President for Student Affairs

Georgia Strong

In a year that stretched and challenged us all in unexpected ways, Student Affairs rose to meet the moment again and again. While I am never surprised at the resiliency and creativity of our team, this year’s accomplishments clearly highlight all the ways that Student Affairs lived our mission #forthestudents.

As you share in celebrating all these efforts and more in Student Affairs over the past year, thank you, as ever, for all that you do.  

Even in the most challenging times, we are deeply blessed and proud for such an exceptional team in Student Affairs and the opportunity to serve the best students in the world. 

Be well,

Victor K. Wilson's signature.

Victor K. Wilson 
Vice President for Student Affairs 
University of Georgia 

A university health care worker administering a vaccination.
Leading through
the pandemic

As COVID-19 persisted, Student Affairs continued resourcefully to serve and support students and the entire UGA community to keep us all as strong and healthy as possible.

  • Providing testing, vaccines, and new telehealth and online resources
  • Offering individual care and support through more than 16,000 student interactions
  • Adapting numerous programs, services, and student engagement opportunities to hybrid and online modes to ensure continued student engagement and success
  • Supporting more than 2,000 students with registered disabilities, along with faculty across campus, in providing academic accommodations and adapting course materials
  • Joining in campus medical, operations, and communications leadership and responses

Over the same time, Student Affairs has undertaken other new initiatives and collaborations to create a stronger, healthier student community.  

  • Launching a new campus-wide well-being and success network to coordinate efforts 
  • Completing a new strategic plan for student well-being, in partnership with the JED Foundation 
  • Creating a new Student Affairs department of Student Transitions to serve students through key transitional moments in their journeys at UGA 
  • Administering the Healthy Minds study to understand opportunities in our community
  • Developing new outreach to students, including online resources at well-being.uga.edu  
A student doing yoga on a paddleboard at Lake Herrick.
student well-being
Engaging students
and student leaders

This year, Student Affairs also expanded efforts to engage, advise, and support students and student leaders across the campus experience.  

  • Launching a newly-reimagined department of Engagement, Leadership, and Service 
  • Creating a new student organization advising collaborative to affirm and share best practices in supporting student groups and leaders 
  • Creating new online modules for student leader onboarding and training  
  • Piloting new frameworks for service and leadership, creating shared approaches across diverse student experiences 
  • Innovating new online and hybrid opportunities for students to come together, learn, and build community 

Through it all, Student Affairs continued to build a stronger future for students and the UGA community.

  • Launching new collaborative teams for student learning, digital engagement, IT, and data
  • Partnering in the new Engage and Learn initiative for staff, joining and serving as a model for campus-wide efforts on onboarding, competencies, staff engagement, and mentorship
  • Completing renovations at Brumby Hall and advancing work on our newest residence hall, Building 2264
  • Securing additional campus support to expand student care and outreach efforts
  • Advancing UGA and Student Affairs priorities through increased fundraising of more than $2.6 million, along with donor and alumni engagement
Students posing after a shaving cream fight during Dawg Camp Discovery
Building a stronger
future for student life

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